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What are the key benefits for Clients and Candidates when using an Agency?


Time Savers - Working with a Recruitment Agency can save your team days of valuable time spent sifting through applications, giving them more time to spend viewing those candidates really worth considering and specifically highlighted by your dedicated Consultant as a perfect fit for the position.

Faster Hiring and High Quality Candidates - Agencies will have a vast talent pool held within their database, a network of connections and access to a number of online candidate sourcing tools to aid in matching the right person to your outstanding vacancies. Our Recruiters spend time really getting to know each candidate and company alike so will likely already have people in mind when discussing your next requirement! Candidates will have been carefully selected, interviewed and referenced prior to being introduced to you - ensuring you truly only ever meet with those that have passed our stringent screening process.

Focussed on Service and Delivery - Most of the work a Recruitment Agency does happens before any potential compensation comes from you. If we don’t deliver on what you’re looking for or we are unable to assist you successfully then there is nothing for you to pay. This ensures that our time, services and experience focuses on delivering candidates that will best assist your businesses growth and aid us in building a successful, long working partnership with you.

Market Insight - Recruiters have conversations with a number of Clients and Candidates from varying industries and backgrounds each day - so gain quite a bit of knowledge across various sectors! They are able to provide you with invaluable advice surrounding salaries and benefits, development expectations, sector specific market trends and both contract and hiring complexities which you may otherwise not have knowledge of.

This is our job! - The clearest ‘why’ on why to use a Recruitment Agency in assisting your recruitment process is because this is what we do! We write enticing job adverts, highlighting key benefits that maximise the number of people who apply or display interest and work to a quick turnaround when introducing talent to yourself. Our team work day in, day out to ensure we meet your specific hiring needs.


You’re Not Alone - Working with a Recruiter means you’re not navigating your job search alone. Recruiters often have access to a number of vacancies that aren’t widely advertised or even before they are openly advertised meaning this easily broadens your opportunities when looking for your next move. We will spend time getting to know you, what you like and don’t like and exactly what sort of position/working environment that works for you. We aim to hugely take the stress of the task of job searching!

It’s FREE - Using an Agency is completely free for job seekers! Our job is to find you suitable employment and we act as the ‘middle-man’ between yourself and the Client.

Relationships with Clients - Agencies will already have trusted, established relationships with their Clients which is probably one of the most significant benefits of using them to secure work. Often there will already be a level of trust built between the two parties; meaning that should your CV be submitted to them it will be reviewed in detail, highly recommended and resulting in a higher chance of securing an interview or start date.

Receiving Feedback - Not receiving feedback is probably one of the most frustrating parts of job searching. Recruiters are comfortable and supportive when delivering feedback and are able to offer constructive criticism to assist you in understanding why you may have not been successful and a different approach to take next time.

Relationships with your Agency - A good relationship with your Consultant is key! We’re on your side and we want to help you in every way possible. So why not give us a try!

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